Coaching Experience

  1. ASCA Level 2 coach

  2. Blairwood Premier Level Coach

  3. Blairwood Swim Team Coach

  4. Over 5 years of experience coaching at Blairwood

Favorite Stroke

  1. Freestyle

What I love most about swimming is the lifelong friendships that are built and the discipline it takes to be a swimmer.

My favorite thing about being on a swim team is the support you get from your teammates to push yourself to do things you never thought possible.

The best thing about being a swim coach is seeing the future of the sport and getting to interact with swimmers who truly have a love for the sport.

            - Sarah

Swimming Experience

  1. Miami University Varsity Swim Team 2007-2011

  2. DuPont Manual Swim Team 2003-2007

  3. KY High School Individual State Champion - 500 Freestyle

  4. Junior National Qualifier - 400 Freestyle, 1500 Freestyle

  5. Lakeside Swim Team Junior National Championship Team


  1. Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science/Minor in Coaching - Miami University

  2. Master of Science in Occupational Therapy - Spalding University